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Two of my biggest affiliates for the English site are and which are the two largest Bodybuilding sites on the Internet.  Guess how they make a steady stream of money each month? 

By simply posting my articles on their site with their affiliate link coded into my Author Bio/Resource Box.

Articles allow you to provide your visitors with valuable contentwhich is the main reason people use the Internet in the first place. Initially, people do not go onto the Internet with the intention of purchasing anything, they use the Internet to seek out information to solve a problem.

Articles work very well because you are solving the visitors problem rather than trying to sell something.  Articles appear more like helpful information than plain advertising. 

The goal of using articles is to reinforce the credibility and trustworthiness of the author.  The author most be positioned as the guy who can solve the readers problem.  This will create curiosity for the reader to click the Author Resource Box and learn more.

To receive commissions for articles, it is critical to have the Author Resource Box to allow you to insert your affiliate code in the linked words as shown in the sample Bio Signature file. 

Please take advantage of all the articles I have already written.  I add new articles each month so you can add new content to your website, blog or newsletter on a constant basis.

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