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Welcome to the affiliate marketing center for the German version where you find over a dozen of the most effective marketing tools agreed upon by professional Internet marketers for the fitness industry. 
Everything you need to successfully profit from your marketing campaigns can be found on these pages so make sure you now. 

Make sure you click on Getting Started to ensure you have your Clickbank ID set up correctly. 

You will notice that my site has gone the distance in providing you more than enough tools to be successful. Each section provides pure step-by-step guidelines and tools that you can simply cut and paste and copy for yourself. 

You will not find another product EASIER to market than mine!
Use whatever tools you need and feel free to contact our German Affiliate Manager if you require any personalized help or promotional material. 

I would like to take a moment to remind you of how incredibly valuable you are to me and that my site will do anything possible to assist you in being successful. I gain NOTHING if you gain nothing. 

This is a win-win situation and I look forward to assisting you,

Vince DelMonte

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