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A Brief Overview Of How PPC Search Engine Advertising Works:

1) You select keywords that are related to your target audience.

2) You create mini advertisements that show up on the right hand column of the Google Search Engine when people search for the keywords you have selected.

3) You pay a fee, usually 10-20 cents, every time someone clicks on your advertisement which directs them your desired landing page.

You pay nothing to appear on the page.  You only pay the amount you have agreed to pay (or bid for) when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. Hench the name 'pay per click.'

If your bid is the highest on a keyword phrase then your ad will be ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines.  The rest of the ads are ranked in descending order as decided by their maximum bid amount.  This is a very simple explanation. 

How Can PPC Make You Money As An Affiliate?

  • You can target qualified traffic to your site TODAY without having to wait months and months to get ranked in the search engines.

  • You can target people to your own site and collect their emails so you can market them something else to them in the future and follow up.

Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Google Adwords as a
"Effektiver Muskelaufbau" Affiliate.

The easiest way for you to make your FIRST sale as a "Effektiver Muskelaufbau" affiliate is going to be Google Adwords (pay per click marketing).

If you are serious about making money from PPC (pay per click) marketing then I strongly suggest you set aside some time, DOWLOAD THIS FREE GUIDE BELOW and read EVERY word of it.
It was originally written for my English version but it will help you start promoting my German site as well.

adword_guide.pdf (584 KB)
(right click, save target/link as to save to you local computer)

*Adobe Reader Plugin Required


Pay Per Click (PPC) can be your key to success in affiliate can also leave you with a huge bill at the end of each month, with nothing to show, if not done properly so listen up!

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